Community Subscribers


Live Zoom Presentations

Presentations have gone Virtual

We are successfully making LIVE Zoom presentations, with PowerPoint images. I can see your residents and respond to questions directly from theme, whether they are sitting in a communal setting before a large screen TV or from the comfort of their own homes. We have developed a hard copy "Visual Packet" to distribute to phone participants who can use it to follow along.



Hybrid Zoom Presentations

Video presentation with LIVE Q&A

For a reduced price, we can offer a LIVE introduction and a Zoom video of a full presentation followed by a LIVE Question and Answer period. The only difference is there is no need for an additional facilitator. Your residents might not even notice the difference.



Hybrid +

ArtMatters on Demand

Sometimes residents are unable to attend the scheduled presentation or there might be those who would like to see it again. With Hybrid Plus, we can set up a private portal on our website for your facility where they can go to see the same recorded presentation whenever it is convenient for them for the next two weeks. 

$85/2 weeks



In-Person Rotating Gallery

The Gallery will bring your residents and their visitors an in person museum experience with an exhibition of 12-16 fine art reproductions. The revolving exhibition, displayed in a common area, would be replaced every month with a new subject. Information about the painting and artist is displayed next to each piece in the themed Gallery. A selling point in every tour of your facility, the Gallery keeps your walls beautiful and engaging.

$/month of art installation


Dementia Program

Living With Art

Living With Art is a unique program designed to bring the art museum experience directly to Alzheimer's and Dementia residential facilities. The art "lives" for an entire week within your own community, eliminating the logistics of traveling to the museum and the sensitive process of selecting only those who are able to travel. 

Residents don't need to know, remember, or recall any details about the art to be able to engage with it. Art keeps the mind active and connects us all.

$/presentation + 1 week of art installation

Fish, Janet - Herb Tea.jpg

ArtMatters in Schools

Living With Art

ArtMatters offers a school enrichment program designed to expose children to the visual arts and encourage a relationship with art that will endure a lifetime.