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Individual Membership

ArtMatters on Demand

Individuals are now able to access presentations
by Jane Blair, to view as many times as you like.

Sign up with PayPal on the Home Page
with your email and personal password,
and have access to one or two videos each month.

Many of these videos are actual, LIVE ArtMatters performances, enhanced with larger graphics.

There are also new, updated presentations.

Primary video is $10 per month

add a Bonus video for only $5 more.


 Click on Primary or Bonus button below the description,
Expand to full screen, and ENJOY!

This Month's Presentations:


Primary Video - January

Marc Chagall

            The Ancient Egyptians gave us the calendar, astronomy, wondrous engineering marvels, historical records and poetry. They had an elaborate relationship with many Gods, and their fabulous art gave them the power of life over death. Join us as we look enter the private tombs and look into the eyes of people, just like ourselves, that lived more than 5,000 years ago.


Bonus Video - January

Winslow Homer

     Although we use art to communicate with one another as Human Beings, it is with other animals that we are sometimes more connected to. We have a special relationship with our most intimate friends, the ones with which we share our daily lives. We are very emotionally connected to our pets.

      Join us for a journey around the world and throughout history, with art, to see and appreciate how connected we are, and how well we understand our relationships with our many pets.

Marc Chagall

Winslow Homer

Next Month's Presentations:


Primary Video - February

Monet & Renoir

They were fast friends at the very heart of the most radical revolution in art since the Renaissance. Join us for a tour through the life and works of Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir, two of the most beloved of the Impressionist artists. 


Bonus Video - February

Cassatt & Degas

An American woman and a French Chauvinist, as unlikely a pair as any you can find, were friends and some say lovers, at the very heart of a radical revolution in art. Impressionism changed the art world forever. Cassatt and Degas influenced the times almost as much as they affected each other. Join us for a look at their mirrored careers, their relationship with each other and the times in which they lived.

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