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This Month's Presentations:


Primary Video - DECEMBER

History of Illusion 

and M.C. Escher

The hand is quicker than the eye. Artists love to fool you with Illusion in many ways. Join us for a look at the tricks of the art world from Da Vinci and Anamorphic art to Op art and the Magic Eye. We will take a special look at the work of M.C. Escher, a Dutch graphic artist who was a master of the paradox, the tessellation, the dodecahedron, and grand manipulator of the basic laws of nature in illusion.

Bonus Video - DECEMBER


What is real? What is a dream, a nightmare, a fantasy? Many artists make visual what many can only imagine. The Surrealists view of the world was sometimes dark, curious, and even frightening, exploring the subconscious and the irrational. But also they reveal curiosity, much humor, and the poetic hint of possibility. Touch your inner eye and brave the world of the Surrealists, if you dare.

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History of Illusion / Escher


Next Month's Presentations:


Primary Video - JANUARY

Alexander Calder

Born in Pennsylvania, he was the third generation of successful sculptors. From when he was a small boy, he was always making “stuff”; toys, utensils, and objects out of bits of string, wire, buttons, cloth, wood and tin. He always had a sense of whimsy about his objects and  invented the “Mobile”;  a way to compose colorful shapes, and fine lines moving in a constantly changing arrangement.  He is also known for creating and performing his own circus. Join us for a whimsical look into his world.

Bonus Video - JANUARY

Animals in Art - Our Pets

     Although we use art to communicate with one another as Human Beings, it is with other animals that we are sometimes more connected to. We have a special relationship with our most intimate friends, the ones with which we share our daily lives. We are very emotionally connected to our pets.

      Join us for a journey around the world and throughout history, with art, to see and appreciate how connected we are, and how well we understand our relationships with our many pets.

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