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Living With Art

     Living With Art has been tested and refined.

It has demonstrated success among people with

mid-stage Alzheimer's/Dementia,


Reawakening powers of insight, encouraging visual interpretation, heightening appreciation for artistic expression, and stimulating interconnected memories.

     Living With Art is a unique program designed to bring the art museum experience directly to Alzheimer's and Dementia residential facilities.

     The art "lives" for an entire week within your own community, eliminating the logistics of traveling to the museum and the sensitive process of selecting only those who are able to travel.

     The Living With Art team has developed a practical program, engaging your residents by providing a built-in activity for your staff to lead guided group discussions to stimulate responses, opinions, and insights.

     Living With Art uses ArtMatters' oversized fine art prints which can be seen easily and held individually, for intimate consideration. Next to each mounted print, we provide a panel of reference information as well as scripted questions. After an initial guided presentation, the prints are mounted in the hallways or a common space in your community for a week, readily available for the enjoyment of your residents, their visitors, families, and staff.

     The team has selected artists and subjects consistent with the perceptual deficits of Dementia and the mood enhancing strategies recommended in the habilitation method.

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