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Introduction to Virtual Programing

Membership offers you pre-recorded, live presentations by Jane Blair to view as many times as you like.

These videos are actual, spontaneous ArtMatters performances, presented to live audiences, only edited for time. The recordings were all created pre-pandemic, and intended for internal training purposes, so please forgive the less than perfect filming. Enjoy them for their unpredictable, one might say "charming" quality.

You also have an option of a live, interactive, zoom presentation.

This Month's Presentations:

Matisse present woman in hat

Primary Video - JANUARY

Henri Matisse

Enter the world of Matisse. A world of color, enjoyment and peace. A place that celebrates flowers, sunshine, beautiful women, complex patterns, rich textures, fine foods, tempting aromas, books, dance, music and art. Matisse’s world has a “calming influence on the mind, like a good armchair.”  Indulge yourself and join us for a vacation from stress, into the sanctuary of Matisse’s World.


Bonus Video - JANUARY

Ancient Civilizations

Please join us to examine art from the four great ancient civilizations; Mesopotamia (present day Iraq), Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire. Each culture in turn contributed to the foundation of our own civilization. From these great cultures we get writing, government, law & order, institutionalized religion, advanced culture, and the spread of information and ideas. Each civilization developed new and greater achievements, adding to the quality of life for all mankind. 

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Henri Matisse

Ancient Civilizations

Next Month's Presentations:


Primary Video - FEBRUARY

Cassatt & Degas

An American woman and a French Chauvinist, as unlikely a pair as any you can find, were friends and some say lovers, at the very heart of a radical revolution in art. Impressionism changed the art world forever. Cassatt and Degas influenced the times almost as much as they affected each other. Join us for a look at their mirrored careers, their relationship with each other and the times in which they lived.


Bonus Video - FEBRUARY


A portrait is much more than a picture of what someone looks like. A portrait can document the history of a whole family, or a single individual’s journey. It can be about an era of time, a culture, an event, or the experience of youth or age. It can tell stories, be self revealing or serve as a commentary of social values or political institutions. Join us for a look at the many possibilities of the Portrait in art. Share your own point of view.


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