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This Month's Presentations:


Primary Video 

American Art 1


        The United States was not founded by schooled artists, but by people seeking freedom and adventure. American artists have been like America itself, pioneering, bold, and independent. Early American artists had their roots firmly planted in European traditions but explored their own frontiers and evolved their own unique flavor, forged in the struggles of the birth of a nation.

         Join us for a look at the roots of American Art from 1776 until 1900 with its pioneering courage, independent drive, and rebellious spirit.


Bonus Video

American Art 2 


         The center of the art world has always been Europe, and American artists have, by necessity, mostly followed those evolutions. The American independent spirit pushed the boundaries of acceptable traditions, and in the early part of the 20th century Americans begin to develop their own unique voice; the Ash Can School, the flowering of photography, and the consciousness of Social Realism were just some of the new developments that reflected the history of those times.

         Join us for a look at how American Art grew from the baby in the back seat to an adolescent growing, experimenting, gaining attention and earning respect.

American Art 1


American Art 2


Next Month's Presentations:


Next month's Primary Video

American Art 3

1950 - 2000

        In the second half of the 20th century, America breaks free of it’s European bonds to defy convention, and then dominate the entire art world. There was an explosion of creativity on this side of the ocean. American Art grows up and demonstrates it’s own unique personality; innovative, and sometimes controversial. But whether you swear by it, or at it, it is always fun.

         Join us for a look at how art in America evolved in the modern era, from Pop Art to Grandma Moses, how it took the seat of power with all its new directions, energy and nerve. You can’t “like” it all, but you may go home with more than you thought. Where in the world do you think it is going next?


Next month's Bonus Video

The Great American West

    American artists have been like America itself, pioneering, bold, and independent. Especially in the western frontiers where artists were confronted with a totally new and unbelievably beautiful landscape, an alien culture and a dramatically different life style. It fascinated everyone, especially the jaded and complacent Europeans who were enthralled and seduced by the Western American experience.  But, it was all over in just 90 years. It took only one life span to end this chapter of our history; from the virgin exploration through pristine lands to the massacre of millions of bison; the pioneers, trappers, cowboys, settlers, miners,  and the total redistribution of native Americans in the Indian Wars.

    Please join ArtMatters for a look at a very brief but special time in our nation’s history through the eyes of artists who tried to capture the flavor of a lost era and preserve it for us.

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