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Welcome residents of XXXXX -

Our Community Library offers you access to our entire video library.

Choose from over 40 different subjects, ranging from a single artist, different art movements,

different eras in history and especially curated themes.

In many instances, we offer you a choice of seeing a recently created video or a

"Vintage" video, created from a previously recorded live presentation by Jane Blair,

enhanced with enlarged images.

 Click the selected video, expand to full screen, and ENJOY!

New York, NY

          Start spreading the news! There is a love affair between artists and NYC. The starting place for immigration and embarkation for trips abroad. It is the place for artists to be learning, earning and yearning (paying their dues). The home of possibilities, impossibilities and for dreams that sometimes come true. If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere!

            Please join us in an artistic celebration of NYC, the unofficial center of the universe, a place so nice they named it twice.

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